The Meadows Cup

Season’s Champs and individual Awards


The Meadows tournament is an  opportunity to join your tennis friends and colleagues in friendly team spirited match-ups and duals for the bragging rights of being the season’s MEADOWS CUP champions!

All resident tennis players are eligible to participate in the tournament. Captains will be designated and  be picking players in turns in a draft format.


The tournament's format

Each team is made up of 6 players (Including Captains) which are ranked and rated as per their playing abilities. Each coach will pick one player per round. After each round the total team rating is added and another round starts with the team captain with lowest ranked picking first in that round. This is repeated until each team has a total of 6 players. The captains then identifies the 3 groups within their team (Group A, B and C), which usually represents the players with the most abilities in group A, intermediary Group C and beginners in group C.

In order to ensure balanced matches throughout the competition, games are disputed within each group. i.e.: Group A’s plays against group A’s, group B’s against B’s and so forth.

The tournament starts with a round-robin where captains schedules all of their matches with other captains, until all groups from all teams have played each other. All Games are best out of three, where each set won is worth one point.

At the end of the Round-Robin, all points are added and teams are ranked. For the championship final round, each group of the team that finished 1st will play the groups of the last place team.  2nd place team will play 3rd place team (assuming there is 4 teams total). The team that scores the highest number of points eliminates the other team and moves to the Finals. The Final is played with the same format as the Round-Robin and first round championship.


White Team 


Captain: TBD

Blue Team 


Captain: TBD

 Red Team 


Captain: TBD

Green Team


Captain: TBD

Meadows Cup round-robin scores