Une réalisation Pou-Zam (Richard Poulin et Michel Akzam)

The President's welcoming communication

Good day all,

Welcome to the new website of the Alouette club.

This new portal contains all the useful information for owners and tenants of the Meadows concerning the activities of the Alouette club. We invite you to consult it regularly because it will be our main means of communication with you.

Here is the information you will find:
 Word of welcome
 Latest communications
 Photos gallery
 Directory of members
 Calendar of activities

Association (the Alouette club)
 History
 Board of Directors for the current year
 Board of directors for previous years
 Statutes and regulations
 Become member of Alouette club
    o Information and registration form
    o Responsible for registration by building

 Sporting activities
 Social activities
 Special activities

 Condo for sale
 Condo for rent
 Miscellaneous

Useful links
 The Meadows website
 The Florida sun
 The Florida mail
 Visit Florida

Contact us


To access the Directory section reserved for members of the Alouette club, please enter the username and password provided in the president’s e-mail concerning the new club Alouette web site.
We would like to thank those who volunteered to develop the new website, Richard Poulin and Michel Akzam for their work and their involvement.

Good visit.

Members of the Alouette club board of directors

June 21, 2021