Une réalisation Pou-Zam (Richard Poulin et Michel Akzam)

The President's welcoming communication

A word from your President
Here we are at the dawn of a new season for the Club Alouette. The different teams are at work to start the year with a multitude of social activities and sport events that will take place indoors and outdoors. We trust that you will find something that suits your

You will witness a team of enthusiastic and competent volunteers who are dedicated to the success of the Club. These people form the heart and soul of our Club.

The Board of Directors includes four new persons this year starting with me as the President, Suzanne Levesque as Secretary, André Thibault as Director of Volunteers and fiestas and Richard Gilbert as Director of Special Evenings. We will be guided by experienced and excellent board members, Johanne Demers Blais Vice-President, Kathleen McLaughlin Treasurer and Liliane Marchand Director Registration and New

In closing I want to thank you for your trust and to wish you an excellent season at the Meadows.

André Guertin